Sunday, September 20, 2015

Our First Post!

Yay! So blog is up and running. Today is Day One. I couldn't stop thinking about this last night so I figured; hey, its Sunday. Lets get this started. I'm scared to fail, I'm scared to share my story and my families story and fail at what my long term goals are. But if I never start, I will only fail; I will never have the chance to succeed. So I'm going to try. What's the worse that can happen?

Today's goals are:
- To figure out how to get others involved. How to get other's to understand this blog and how to raise awareness.
I'm new at all this blogging stuff, and have absolutely no idea where to start. Maybe I should reach out to other blogs, and get some ideas. Definitely going Pinterest crazy right now!

If you're reading this, Hi! I hope you stick around to see the end result and see my vision come together.

This blog will be about mental illness in children and how we can raise more awareness. The biggest goal of this blog to have Mom's (and families) come together in one place, to help each other and to grow and to learn how to better their child's life.

The best part about this blog? I'm not even a mom! LOL I'm a sister, a big sister (finally), to a wonderful amazing boy whose life struggle with autism, sensory disorder and mental illness has driven me to better this world. Because we have gone through so much trouble and heart ache and feeling lost, that even if I can't change the world for HIM, I will change the world for the next child and the next family so they don't have to go through what we (or he) went through.

This blog will have ups and downs. I work full time, I'm getting back into college.. And the worst part about all this is my brother and my parents now live 16 hours away from me. And this is where the real struggle has begun; things have gotten so hard these last two months with my brother.

My brother was recently involuntarily admitted to a mental hospital. This is where I knew something had to be done. I had to be his voice. My parents are elder, and my brother is going on eleven years old. They don't know technology, they don't know how to research on the computers very well (or at all). So I am there guidance. But I feel alone. I feel like were going in circles and I don't know who to turn to so that's why I knew this blog had to come about.
We have to have a place where Mom's and family member's can go to get together.
If your child was diagnosed with a mental illness today or tomorrow or next week, what do you do next? I want you to be able to come here. I want you to be able to learn here, and vent here and figure out what is best for your child. And your words will help others in the same place.

I know we're not alone. Even though we feel so alone, and so unique and so extraordinary in the sense that no one knows what to do with my brother, or where to place him, I know we are NOT alone.

I started another blog a while back, which I may copy/paste over here just because his whole story is on that blog. And I got almost 300 views on that blog which is amazing for me. 300 people saw his story. 300 people knew what he is going through. That's 300 more people than before I ever did that. So I know I can make something of this. And I'm sure there will be other things involved in this blog.

But my focus is him; and every other child like him.
His IQ is almost three times his age, and he is in the extra superior range of IQ scores. Right beside Einstein. But yet he can't stay in school. He can't make it two weeks at normal public school.
He can't keep a social life.
He can't stay out of trouble.

I'm rambling. But I hope this is enough to have to stick around to see more. It's going to be bumpy at first. My family doesn't know I'm doing this, and I'm an expert at being in introvert so running to friends for guidance isn't really in my cards. I'm doing this on my own to see what can happen. To see where this can go. And once my anxiety calms down and my nerves chill out and I climb out from under my rock, I want to share it with the world.

I hope you are a part of this. This movement. This new way of life. This new understanding. This new awareness.